Arthroscopie bij de hond Advanced

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09:00 tot 17:30

Brain BealeDr. Brian Beale,
DVM, Diplomate ACVS

Bekkerstraat 141, 3572 SG, Utrecht

€  975,00
€  975,00
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Learning objective
To learn the skills of the advanced arthroscopy in knee, hip, carpus, tarsus and lumbo-sacral.

If you have several years of experience in arthroscopy you want to proceed to the next level. Let alone all the cases where you would like to talk to peers on what they would do in such a case. Now is the chance to get  that information. Dr. Brian Beale is coming for you to The Netherlands, a state-of-the art orthopedic surgeon and author of numerous articles and the book ‘Small Animal Arthroscopy’.  You can decide what kind of interventions you would like to perform and learn. The whole day the ‘ Snijzaal’ of ‘ het Anatomiegebouw’ is at your disposal, and dr. Brian Beale will guide you in your learning curve. The next step in your arthroscopy carreer within dutch borders.

09.00    Welcome
09.30    Theory including cases
11.00    Coffee break
11.15    Practical
12.30    Lunch 
13.30    Practical
17.30    End of Course

Doelgroep & informatie: 
  • Maximaal 18 cursisten.
  • Theorie en Praktijk.
  • Dierenartsen met bij voorkeur minimaal 1 jaar ervaring in de arthroscopie. In samenwerking met Stöpler.

Extra informatie
Voor het practicum is het gewenst  dat u een kadaver meeneemt dat minimaal 72 uur is ontdooid. Graag het dier aanmelden via

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